Jul. 4 - Jul. 8, 2021

3D International Shoot
Mission Road

Norfolk Island


3D International Archery Shoot

2021, 18th Anniversary.

 4 July 2021 to 8 July 2021



Please note we are capping the number of visitiing shooters to 85.  Fees and registration forms need to have been received to reserve your place.




  1. Have fun
  2. A body part must touch the shooting peg, e.g. a foot or knee, as long as the shooter is behind the peg
  3. Binoculars are permitted, but they must have no marks on them and no range finding capabilities.
  4. No rangefinders, non competitive shooters may use a range finder, but only after all competitive shooters have made their shot.
  5. No assistance from fellow archers in the group for wind & sun.
  6. Double scoring.
  7. Whole animal counts ie: hoof and horns. Rocks etc don’t count
  8. Skips off the ground and bounce outs count on majority agreement of the group
  9. If the arrow goes past the target it is not a bounce out and does not score
  10. Please don’t move or damage foliage in the target lane
  11. Each round is 3 arrows with the first scoring arrow counting, 1st arrow 20,18,16, 2nd arrow 14,12,10, 3rd arrow 8,6,4
  12. Ignore the pro ring
  13. Touching the line counts
  14. Alcohol is not allowed on range
  15. Smoking is allowed but please be mindful of others
  16. Please remember we encourage a friendly relaxed event. However some archers do take the event seriously, so we ask you to respect that.
  17. Longbow arrows – must have feathers, woodgrain appearance
  18. No fatboy arrows, X23 X27 or any other similar shafts as these damage our 3D Targets.
  19. No draw weight exceeding 60lbs. Bows and arrows will be scrutinised.






CU: Compound Unlimited (scope with all the toys) ORANGE max 50m

WCU: Womens Compound Unlimited (scope with all the toys) GREEN max 40m

CL: Compound Limited (fingers and sights) ORANGE max 50m

HC: Hunter Class (pins with all the toys) GREEN max 40m

CBB: Compound Barebow (fingers no sights) GREEN max 40m

RS: Recurve Sighted GREEN max 40m

RBB: Recurve Barebow WHITE max 30m

LB: Longbow WHITE max 30m


JUNIOR, 13-17 years inclusive

JUC: Junior Unlimited Compound GREEN max 40m

JLC: Junior Limited Compound GREEN max 40m

JHC: Junior Hunter Class GREEN max 40m

JBC: Junior Barebow Compound WHITE max 30m

JSR: Junior Sighted Recurve WHITE max 30m

JBR: Junior Barebow Recurve WHITE max 30m


CUB, up to and including 12 years


CUBL: Cub Limited RED max 20m

CUBB: Cub Barebow RED max 20m

There are separate male and female sections within each division


Click here to download the entry form

Click here to download the programme


Date and Time

Sun, Jul. 4


Thu, Jul. 8, 2021

8 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
(GMT+1100) Pacific/Norfolk


3D International Shoot

Mission Road

Norfolk Island